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Nutmeg provides a cloud-based B2B eCommerce platform that connects enterprises to their suppliers and customers globally. Nutmeg enables enterprises to automate their sales and procurement processes and have visibility across the supply chain. Nutmeg has three solutions: Nutmeg Sales Automation, Nutmeg Procurement Automation and Nutmeg Collaboration Portal.
Nutmeg is available to customers globally. We have customers in the US, Canada, UK, Middle East and Asia.
Nutmeg is a cloud-based solution, which means that you do not need to install any software at your end or do not need an IT department to manage it. It is secure, easily scalable as your business grows, and always on and available as a desktop, tablet or mobile app.
With Nutmeg being cloud-based, you can login from anywhere, any time since it is always on 24X7; it is secure and scalable so you can grow as your business grows; no maintenance or IT staff is needed to support the solution; it allows for quick and easy integration via REST based APIs; it is easily configurable based on business needs. All this amounts to faster time to market; averaging 60-90 days.
The Nutmeg Sales Automation and Procurement Automation solutions include the Nutmeg Cloud. The Nutmeg Collaboration Portal is a supplier collaboration solution. It is separately available for those customers not requiring end-to-end integration, and just require a portal to pull orders from.
Yes you can have co-existing process. In reality, many suppliers onboard a few buyers at a time so you can continue your manual processes till all your buyers have come online.

Suppliers will need to map their business rules into the data mapping app on a one time basis. Rules include

  • Supplier product code to barcode mapping
  • Minimum order quantities
  • Promotional pricing
  • Free of charge items
  • Unit of measure mapping

Once entered, the supplier needs to maintain the information based on current promotions and discounts that apply to specific customers and remove obsolete product codes/barcodes that are no longer orderable.

Nutmeg simplifies the entire order process.
  • Removes errors caused with manual phone fax and email orders
  • Reduces the time taken to process an order
  • Provides visibility in the supply chain with real-time order status
  • Sends automatic email notifications based on any errors so the errors can be rectified quickly
  • Automates the invoice back to the customer based on what was shipped, not what was on the purchase order. This reduces invoice disputes by up to 30%

CRM is a customer relationship management system for managing a company’s current and future interactions with customers, optimized for pipeline management, data aggregation across large sets of contacts, and reporting and oversight. Examples are Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Zoho.

An ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning system, is a collection of hard facts about financial or inventory events. It’s what a company runs its business on.. ERPs range from smaller systems like QuickBooks to complex systems like SAP and Oracle. An invoice is to the ERP as a sales order is to SOM.While an invoice is a hard fact, a sales order hasn’t happened yet. It’s a conversation about a transaction between your business and a customer; it can change in any number of ways before it becomes an invoice. Only then does your ERP enter the picture.

The impact of sales order management will of course depend on your current sales Businesses will see major operational and revenue growth impacts after implementation:
  • in orders. Because orders are automated and much simpler and faster to create and process you can process more orders in a day
  • Faster more accurate order processing and fulfillment. With the instantaneous sync of orders from sales reps or customers in directly to the ERP, order confirmation, processing / fulfillment are immediate, and error rates go down
  • Reduction in order processing costs. Costs related to phone, fax, email and paper order forms, and man-hours related to order re-entry, are reduced; hence suppliers see big operational cost savings after adopting Nutmeg
  • Increase in customer retention. Retailers prefer to do business with suppliers who have a faster, more efficient and modernized selling process. SOM also arms customers with dashboards for customer intelligence and reporting that elevates their status in the eyes of the retailer
Yes. Alerts can be customized based on supplier / buyer needs.
Pricing changes are managed in the ERP system and automatically reflected into Nutmeg.
Nutmeg supports desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.
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