Stock shelves by
automatically placing orders
Are you a grocery store or restaurant interested in managing your inventory and order process with ease? We help businesses improve their bottom line?
Automate orders to your suppliers
By partnering with Octopos, Nutmeg can automate your orders based on items sold.
Don’t run out of stock in your store
A comprehensive retail management solution all housed in one Retail POS process.
POS System sends Inventory Levels
The POS system sends inventory levels in real-time based on products sold
Nutmeg creates Shopping Cart
Based on inventory levels, a cart is automatically created for all products that need to be purchased
Buyer Reviews Shopping Cart
Buyers can review the shopping cart, make changes as need, and finalize the order
Nutmeg Sends POs to Suppliers
PO is sent automatically to suppliers based on cart products. Each supplier receives a PO

POS integration for automation

Automate Procurement
A shopping cart gets created automatically based on products sold.
Reduce Procurement costs
Save time and money with automation and price comparison.
Dashboard with real-time pricing & order status, such as created, invoiced and tracking information.
Build loyal customers with a Rewards program
Identify your regular customers that are no longer shopping and send them coupons to come back. This means a reward program built to attract new customers and retain your existing ones.
Stop losing revenue due to mispriced items
With Shelf Price Tag Printing, scan bar code and mobile print price tags directly.
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