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We help food and beverage suppliers and distributors' salespeople take orders more efficiently
We provide a salesperson app for easy online or offline order taking when salespeople are visiting stores.
Join Hundreds of businesses who have simplified their order process
Across all our solutions, NetSymm is dedicated to helping link retailers and suppliers.
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Improve efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction with the Salesperson App.
  • Save time and cost. Increase efficiency of overall sales operations with error-free data entry for order taking and auto-syncing.
  • Better collaboration and distribution. Real-time inventory visibility and product information helps salespeople to upsell effectively, send notes to suppliers, and fulfill orders without delays.
“I process over 175 orders, bringing in over 1.25M in sales each year because of 24x7 ordering with product selection and auto-syncing convenience.”
Independent Sales Rep.
Supplier Solution: Salesperson App
Streamlined Order Entry
Sales people easily input orders directly into the system at each store they visit using their tablet. This eliminates manual data entry, saving them over 2 hours per day.
Inventory Visibility
All orders placed are visible via a dashboard with real-time order status, such as created, in-process, invoiced, and shipped, along with tracking information.
Line Item Notes
Send notes to the supplier based on actual units needed (fractions of cases). Simplifies collaboration and removes the back-and-forth between the suppliers and the retailers.
Access Latest Product Info
Gain access to new items, deals, and promotions directly through the app, allowing salespeople to offer up-to-date product recommendations to customers.
Automated PO Syncs
Orders entered in the field automatically sync with the supplier's ERP, eliminating the need for manual data transfer and reducing the risk of errors.
Ease & Convenience
All orders are visible to the suppliers on the Nutmeg Supplier portal, and their ERP for easier fulfillment, collaboration and transparency in the supply chain.
All orders in one platform
See purchase orders, dashboard and reports with analytics.
Order Automation
Suppliers can place orders 24/7 via phone, tablet, desktop. Orders get checked and processed automatically into supplier’s ERP system.
View charts with categories and products trending, and a list of most recent POs and messages.
Multiple reports display buyer list, POs, products, and invoices. Dashboards and reports are configurable.
Seamless & cost effective integrations
NetSymm offers productive cost effective integration to large and small ERP systems.
Sales Automation
All orders in one platform
Retail Automation
Order anywhere, anytime
NetSymm Salesperson App
Allows sales reps to browse and place orders on behalf of multiple customers.
NetSymm Buyer App
Browse suppliers’ catalog and place order with ease
Offline and online app for order taking
  • Unlimited products, categories & subcategories
  • Place orders for multiple buyers
  • Sync orders to QuickBooks
  • Capture line item notes
  • On-demand inventory & product sync
Download the Salesperson App
Allows sales reps to browse and place orders on behalf of multiple customers.
Our Satisfied customers say
The key is when a customer walks away, thinking, Wow, I love doing business with Netsymm, and I want to tell others about the experience.
We tried many sales solutions, but they didn't work for a variety of reasons. Then we found NetSymm and knew it was the real deal. Our order entry errors went down by 30%.
-Omar Amin
VP Sales at Coca Cola
NetSymm has helped me streamline my orders directly into QuickBooks. Everything is entered automatically, and this saves me hours of mundane, error-prone, data entry tasks daily, and gives 24/7 online convenience to my buyers.
-Mehdi Boujrada
Owner at Villa Jerada
I think the most useful thing I am noticing is the inventory management part of Netsymm. Before I used to have endless excel sheets that I would have to keep updating. Now my buyer can log on 24/7 to view what is available to ship.
-Griffin Birchall
Owner at Cuisine Perel